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Who does Ace-High Professional help? What types of businesses do we assist? What sorts of clients do we serve?


Ace-High Professional serves many different types of clients. As we have mentioned, we are designed to serve you. You are unique just as any of our other clients are. You have your specific needs and the appropriate ways which your business needs to be handled. We realize this and do not have "cookie cutter" services. We meet with you and design a program, whether one service or multiples of services, which are just for you and your situation. We have services listed in our guide which are a starting point, then we take those and apply them directly to your business which is something that does not happen with most other companies that offer services such as ours.


We serve businesses in "all walks of life" by offering a wide range of services. If you are a multiple generation family business, we can further assist you with improving the way that you operate or by giving you the extra outside assistance which you need to get projects completed faster with greater efficiency. If you are in the first few years of your business, we can further assist you with designing a plan to increase your effectiveness, improve your efficiency, and even outsourcing projects to us as a virtual assistant to improve your bottom line. And, yes, if you have just begun the start up process for your business, we can further help you with all of those start up plans and necessities to get you started on the right foot.


We are here for you regardless of how long you have been in business, what industry you may be in, and how large or small your business is. Even a one person home business needs help from time to time, and finding a business which can assist them at reasonable rates is often a hard task. Look no further as Ace-High Professional is proud to offer reasonable rates on all services regardless of your company's size.


A short list of some of our satisfied clients include


Dalkey Rowing Club, Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland

Abernathy's Surveillance Equipment, Inc.

Taylor Designed Pet Products

Mr. Wags Pet Products and Boutique

Shadetree's D.I.Y.

Flawless ~ A Concept Salon

VM Enterprises

Ace-High Farm and Performance Horses

Junction Farms and Kennels

Parson Russell Terrier Rescue of America

The Russell Review

AJB Enterprises

The Animal Actors Guild

Animal Actors Agency

Tennessee Doberman Rescue

Dalwhinnie Farms and Kennels

Brown's Florist Inc.



Due to the array of clients which we have, we have placed two case studies of real clients for you to review. Each of these businesses is different, although both are small businesses, which will allow you to see how big and small of projects which we can do for you. We realize that not everyone has a large budget to spend on making their business better, so we are more than happy to accept you as a client for even one service projects. Our goal is to help you when you need help, not to dictate to you the minimum amount of help which you must get from us.



Case Study One ~ Get Started the Right Way



Client History


John Doe is starting a new business in Anytown, USA. He is a plumber with experience, but he has decided to branch off on his own. He needs new clients and to get his name out there.


Plan of Action


First, Ace-High Professional talks to John during his free consultation to learn about what he does and where he sees his business going in the future. Goals are important to not only us but to our clients. After speaking to him, and knowing his market area, we make some suggestions to him. He gives us the ok to begin work by signing a contract stating what we will be doing for him. He goes to work on the calls that he has already set up appointments for while Ace-High Professional does the rest of the work to make his business get started on the pathway to success.


The very next day John has professional full color business cards delivered to his home office. He is happy to see that they have his business information correct and that he can start handing them out immediately. He also finds some other cards in the box which do not quite look like business cards, but his curiosity is up. They are referral cards. He had wondered how this idea would work when Ace-High Professional had described them to him, but he is ready to try it after seeing the quality of the product and the idea in person. The referral cards are for him to give to his friends, family, and customers which they will in turn give out to other people.


Each referral card has a code on it for the person who he has given it to along with an offer for 10% off of services with card presentation for the person who has been given the card by the friends and other people. Each code means that the person whose card is used gets something in return such as a percentage off their future work or even $1.00 a card. It is easy to keep up with because Ace-High Professional has also given him a program for his computer to keep track with them. Yes, he has to give something to his customers and to those referring people to him, but he will get more money from the work that he is doing. This is a loss-leader program and a highly effective one at that.


That afternoon, the sign guy, arranged by Ace-High Professional, comes by to place the signage for the business upon his work truck including the phone number so that he will get advertising while driving. His website, which is also now up and running only 24 hours after his initial consultation with us, is also placed onto the signage so that people can find him on the internet and look into his work and services. The following day his invoices, work orders, and all other printed materials are delivered to his door, again professionally done and a great representation of his company.


Within only three days, a mere 72 hours, John has gone from not being known as a plumber in the area to being out there in front of the public in many different ways. He is easy to find on the internet and has the items that he needs to run his business as professionally as possible. He is well on his way to the success which he desires and has the tools which he needs to do it the right way the first time. Contact us to get on your way just like John did.



Case Study Two ~ The Established Business



Client History


Jane Smith has a professional service business as the owner of a hair salon. She currently has a website but is not getting any traffic. She has business cards and the other items that she needs to run her business. She needs to generate more traffic and get more clients.


Plan of Action


Jane’s story is common among businesses who think that just putting a website out there means that you will get more customers and business. Ace-High Professional did some internet research on Jane’s company prior to her free consultation and found that people could not find it unless you typed the business name directly in for the search along with the city and state as there were multiples of salons with the same name. This is a major problem which is unfortunately shared by many businesses. This was discussed in her free consultation along with other aspects of her site which would make her business more effective.


The plan of action meant re-vamping the website a little more since there were some pages that would be beneficial for a business such as hers which were not on the site. Following that, Ace-High Professional submitted her website information and links to all major search engines. They also indexed her site and placed ways to search her site which meant that her site would even come up on other searches faster and closer to the top since it was now easy to find all of the information on her site. Afterwards, we continued the internet marketing of her business by placing free listings and classified advertisements on the internet to not only increase her traffic but to get people finding her listing in many directories. To top it all off, her information was added to all of the social network sites which meant added views and potential new clients from their millions of members.


After getting her website completely set up and making sure that her internet marketing needs were handled, it was time to address the word of mouth advertising methods. In her situation, just as with John’s, the referral cards were found to be the best method at getting business. Rather than offering real money for the people, she offered a swapping of services idea. Each referral card continued with a code for each person who they were given to in order to hand out, Jane’s idea was to assign a value of $1.00 in services for each card returned to her by a new customer. The new customer was given $5.00 off their service if they brought the card in. Jane kept up with the codes on the program that Ace-High Professional gave her to assist her with it, and every six months, the code totals were printed off with some of her “helpers” (referrers) getting $60 or more off. That meant that she had gotten 60 new customers and more from her referrers, had saved those 60 customers $300 off of their first time services, and in the process had earned over $5,000 in sales of services (average of $60 per person for first time services). This profit was something that she would not have had as quickly without using the referral cards.



To create your own success story, contact us to get started on your way.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. One of our staff members will address your questions and comments as soon as possible. We aim to serve you to our fullest ability, and we enjoy creating working relationships with businesses around the globe.



Thank you for visiting us here at Ace-High Professional!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!






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