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Ace-High Professional has clients across the globe. Due to this we offer several different payment options, however all funds are in US Dollars and foreign accounts will be tabulated at the most current conversion rates.


Shopping online via our site is available with PayPal options such as credit card, electronic check, bank transfer, and PayPal account. If you choose to purchase by money order or check by mailing your payment you will receive a cash discount rate of 3% off of the total amount due (handling and shipping rates are not discounted).


For all other accounts, we do accept a monthly charge accounts with a credit card on file. If you are interested in setting up a monthly charge account, please click here to fill out our application.


Additional payment methods include using cashier’s checks, wire transfer (you pay for all bank and wire fees), business checks, cash, or money orders. All checks and money orders must be in US Funds and drawn on US Banks. All check, money order, and cash payments are at the price found on your statement/quote which is the cash discount rate. If you desire to pay by credit card or PayPal, then the prices are not at the cash discount rates. Please inquire for the correct prices on services if you choose to pay by credit card or PayPal. Debit cards are not accepted unless offered through PayPal. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Notification must be received prior to making a payment (not a purchase from our online store) with PayPal in order for you to receive the proper information to make the payment correctly.



Notes about Prices and Payments


Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. The prices reflected in the service guide and online may not be the most current prices. Please inquire about current rates prior to making payment. Quotes are good for a maximum of thirty days from the time written. Most services have a minimum charge which is due before service. All payments are due in full at time of completion of project or at time of service. Unfortunately, we cannot accept purchase orders, monthly charge accounts without a credit card on file, or delivery of the final product without payment in full first.



Additional Charges


In some services there will be additional charges which you will be told about prior to being charged for them if at all possible. Examples of these charges include the following but are not limited to them:

Mileage, travel time, travel expense, room and board during travel, other travel related fees, postage and shipping fees, printing fees, artwork/graphic design fees, office supplies (report covers, cds, etc.), long distance/international calling fees, collection fees, late fees, finance charges, and weekend work and rush work fees may be subject to 50% surcharge.



Returned Check Fee


If a check is returned to us due to insufficient funds, you will be charged a $40.00 per check per incident fee in addition to any and all bank fees which are charged to us. We reserve the right to refuse any check from any person at any time for any reason. Returned checks never look good on any business, yet alone when your check causes our check to a long time vendor to bounce. Please pay with a check only if you have the funds to do so.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. One of our staff members will address your questions and comments as soon as possible. We aim to serve you to our fullest ability, and we enjoy creating working relationships with businesses around the globe.



Thank you for visiting us here at Ace-High Professional!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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