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Ace-High Professional offers many services for businesses of all types and all sizes. We offer services for both one time and long term projects, and services for small and large projects. Regardless of your needs, we have a service and the customer satisfaction to help you with your business and to get you to where you wish to be.


The ultimate goal of our web services and many of our other services is to teach you along the way how to do it yourself if you so desire. They say that the spirit of entrepreneurship is the desire to do it yourself, and we are not the ones to remain in the way of you meeting your dreams. If you desire to learn how to maintain, design, and do work yourself from the services which you have enlisted our help on, we are here to help you along the learning road. However, if you do not desire to learn how to do it yourself, then we are more than happy to be here when you need us for updates and further assistance.


Our services are divided into several different types with the main sections being:



Web Services



Website Hosting Plans

We offer three different hosting plans to meet your needs from small to large. Custom hosting plans and add-ons are available for those who need something extra with their site(s). Our hosting plans are designed to give you the most bang for your buck with offering storage, data usage, and other included aspects to best suit your needs without being overkill.


Domain Names, Website Consultations, Development

We can assist you in finding the best domain name for you at the best price possible. We can assist you with your every web need and are glad to assist you through a consultation of your website to determine the effectiveness of your current site. We can also help you make modifications, changes, and renovations to your current site to help make it into the most effective web marketing tool that it can be. Website graphic design work is headed up by our graphic designer with a Masters Degree in graphic design. He can design anything through a simple logo through a complete web graphic presence.


Website Design

We offer six different website design packages and a website design by the hour option to make the most of your money and your site at the same time. This option is for those who want a website that is uniquely you and is not a template design. This is a little more expensive than template design, however for that one of a kind impression, this is the option for you. We are known for our quick loading, user friendly, well organized sites and these factors are made into your site.


Template Website Design

If you want a site that is all about your business, but you do not want to spend the money for a completely custom site, a template design is for you. Template design allows you to have a site that is customized for you, but is on a layout which you can select from. Although there may be other sites which we design that are laid out in a similar manner to yours, your site will be easy to see that it is completely you and your company. Everything, except for the layout, is customized for you including colors, graphics, and more. We offer six different template design packages.


Website Maintenance

We offer three website maintenance packages in addition to a by the hour service to keep your website maintained to expectations of your customers. This is for updating information, adding calendar entries, and basic updating. It is not for changing the design or pages which we offer specific services for.


Social Networking Services

Most of us with computers are guilty of one thing…. going onto one of the social networking sites at one time or another… or even worse being a member of one. Really, it is not a bad thing, but it is a very important marketing aspect to realize. There are millions of users, if not billions when you combine all of the sites together, looking everyday for someone or something on these sites. These sites are free to join and are well on their way to being one of the most important marketing platforms for the 21st century.


With Ace-High Professional we do the work for you. We set up your account on the site, set up your profile page including uploading graphics and pictures to give it that custom feel, and can even maintain your profile and account including as far as managing friend requests, comments, and messaging. How could you go wrong? We are there every step of the way! We offer set up on one site, two sites, or all of the sites utilizing all of the available and applicable social networking sites to your business. We even go as far to set up your own social networking site, just like we have here on our site, if that is something which you desire to have.


Blog Services

If you do not already have one, we bet that you have heard about them. They are everywhere. It really is a blogging world, but blogs are much more than online diaries and thoughts in one place. They are a powerful tool when used correctly and one that can make you money. That's right! You can make money from having a blog! We offer several blog services to best suit your needs. The most popular ones include: Blog design ~ we set up your blog for you on your site or on a blog hosting site, Blog updates ~ if you need something changed on your blog or if you want to add an element you didn’t have before, we provide that service, and Blog maintenance packages ~ if you have been struggling to find the time to post your entries, tagging them, and getting organized with a posting schedule, you may consider getting a blog maintenance package. We’ll handle of the tasks for you! No one likes to visit a blog that the last post was from six months ago not to even mention the ones that I have seen that have been from years ago. Having a blog means having the responsibility to maintain it to keep your readers coming back. If you do not have regular traffic, then you are not going to be making money from your blog. We offer a blog site basic and deluxe set up, two blog update packages, and two blog maintenance packages to meet most needs.



If you have been looking for a forum that lives on your own website and is branded to your company, we can do that! We generally install and customize Simple Machines forums but we have worked with others as well such as phpbb and vBulletin.


Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are a necessary website function for any wholesale or retail business. They can be as simple as having PayPal links through being a complete self-running system. We can set up a basic shopping cart for user friendliness through a deluxe shopping cart with all the bells and whistles. It all depends on your specific needs and the expectations of your customers.



Business Services



Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services are one of our most popular service categories. You can reduce your overhead by hiring us for an individual job versus hiring an in-house staff member for the jobs. Why pay for full time when you can pay by the time or job? We offer four different options for discounts on hour packages or you may pay by the hour. Many different tasks may be done within the Virtual Assistant Services, and we have outlined some of the more popular services within it as individual services to save you money and be more efficient with your outsourcing.


Our Virtual Assistant Services also include many administrative assistant tasks including but not limited to:

Correspondence (email, postal mail, and other means), Database Management, Data Entry, Mass Mailings, Mail Merge Forms, Typing/Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Reports, Proposals, Internet Research, Desktop Publishing, Newsletters (print and electronic), Sending/Receiving Faxes, Document and Picture Scanning, Document and Picture Editing, Converting Documents to PDF Files, Business Start Ups and Online Filing, Filling Out Applications, Applying for Business Certifications/Licenses/Etc., and much more.



We are one of the few businesses such as ours which offers a free initial consultation. This is something that we feel is a requirement to knowing your business, your goals, and you. We have to know where you want to go in order to lead you on the pathway to your success and the betterment of your company. After the initial consultation, we offer further consultations to those who need it depending on their specific needs.


Value Added Services

These are those extra services that really mean a lot to you and your business. But, they are the ones that you usually do not think about. This includes but is not limited to: vacation coverage, client reminders (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), distributor relations, purchasing, quotes, billing, form creation, budgeting/sales forecasting, and more. These services are custom tailored to your specific needs.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is offered in-house for electronic and print purposes. Our head graphic designer has a Masters Degree in Graphic Arts and Design and is awesome with the designs which he creates. Projects of all sizes are welcome.


Printing and Publishing Services

We have a full service print shop available for quick turn-around in-house. Why have another company do your printing or pay the middle man when you can get it direct? If you are not already print ready with your product, we can lay it out in the best way to make the most of the print area. We are able to print a vast selection of products for you in-house supplying you with items such as announcements, brochures, business and calling cards, flyers, graphic designed posters and related products, informal invitations, newsletters, magazines, stationery, labels, form creation and forms, coupons and gift certificates, calendars including one page and flip style (regular), event programs, referral cards, menus, and much more.


All printing is done on a variety of qualities and weights of papers depending upon the needs of the specific product or your personal preference. We can produce items in full color (picture quality) through black and white. Items may be printed on one side or both sides. For out of house printing, we offer products such as promotional goods, large quantity orders (over 1,000), and much more. Our rates both in-house and out of house are some of the best around anywhere. We offer discreet printing for those special projects as well. If you need it, we can print it!


Power Points

Power Point Presentations are a great way to get your message to your audience including the ability to print handouts of the slides even with notes' areas on them. Let us create a professional and one of kind presentation for your next event or conference. We can include images, graphics, tables, videos, and much more! We have presentation equipment available for rent as well including projectors, screens, pointers, wireless devices, and related equipment.


PDF Conversions

Do you have any type of document, picture, or other media (electronic or hard copy) that needs to be converted into a pdf file? We do that too! We offer by the document rates as well as discounts for larger quantities.


Client Relations' Services

Let us handle the relations with your customers by being there for them at all times. We can set up online live chat with salespeople who are knowledgeable about your business, services and products, handle email correspondence and telephone responses, create and distribute mail-outs and newsletters, handle public relations in your store or at your event or in your booth, and much more. We are open to helping with almost any client based task. Three packages are available in addition to a by the hour service.


Virtual Office Management

Maybe your needs are a little more specific and along the lines of office management. Our Virtual Office Management services offers to you many options including but not limited to: a physical permanent address, mail handling, conference room rental, unified messaging system, phone answering, text messaging, and many more. These services are custom tailored to your specific needs.


Freight/Traffic Coordination

Ace-High is happy to serve those who have shipping and transportation needs with an in-house logistics specialist. These services include but are not limited to: researching the best shipping quote, scheduling transportation with trucking company, including documentation preparation, follow-up with customer regarding condition of goods and arrival, import / export documentation, and other services available. Please inquire for more details as the rates vary depending upon services needed and the item being shipped. Animals, both domestic (small and large), livestock, and exotics are also included in these services. We offer great shipping rates and discounts for most clients.


Personnel Management

Let us help you with your staffing needs. Some examples of services include but are not limited to job description preparation, placement of job opening advertisements, reference investigations, scheduling interviews, and preparation of employee manuals. Regardless of if you maintain a small, medium, or large staff we can assist you with your needs.



Educational Services



Click here for a sample list of topics which we are available for in our Educational Services. It will open in a new window as a pdf file. If you need Acrobat Reader to view the file, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to download the program for free.




If you need an online learning system in place for your business, Moodle is where you get it! Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a web application that businesses and educators can use to create effective online learning sites.We will set you up with Moodle and show you how to use it. We can set up Moodle for you to use with any topic.


Training Sessions

Not only are we great in the business world, but we have been teachers and professors for years. We are now able to bring real education to the business world through effective educators teaching you and your staff to be more effective and efficient. We offer both private and group training sessions on a wide array of topics including all of our services which we offer. For group training sessions, we can help your office become more organized and more in synch with one another.


In Person Building Days

Ace-High Professional offers In-Person Building Days in order to allow you to get the information that you need without being interrupted by the things in daily life. You (and/or your staff) will spend two to four days in intensive building days with us. These days can be at our location in Nashville, Tennessee, or they may be at your office location. You will learn tactics for making your business what you want it to be and be able to implement those immediately. Topics may vary but usually involve brain-storming sessions in order to get the most of your time with us.



Event Services



Workshop and Conference Assistance

Not only do we help you with hosting and being speakers at workshops and conferences, but we can help you in the way of being an assistant and a knowledgeable, smiling face to assist you when you need professional help to make your next workshop or conference the best that it can be. We offer both workshop assistance whether you are the host or a speaker, and conference help whether you are an attendee or the host.


Ace-High Professional has been “doing the conference thing” for almost thirty years. Believe it or not we have been involved with all sides of conferences for that long including having retail and information booths, being the keynote speaker, being the assistant to the director of the conference, and even being the director of the conference, we have been there and done that when it comes to workshops and conferences. Let our years of experience in the conference and workshop world assist you in making your next event a successful one. With our added International travel experience and multi--lingual speakers, it does not matter where the conference is as we will be able to get your point across to the attendees regardless of what language they speak.


Live Conference Assistance (when you are the attendee) or Live Workshop Assistance (when you are the speaker):

Ace-High Professional will accompany you to any workshop or conference that you are attending in North America and abroad. We will assist you with many different areas including but not limited to: Your booth area (management, set up, et cetera), Selling items at the back of the room (before, during, and after your presentation), Managing you and your schedule while there, Keeping track of leads and prospects (you will receive a detailed portfolio both in print and digital of all leads and prospects after the conference or workshop), Collecting business cards for list building (given to you in the portfolio and scanned for electronic filing), Speaking on your behalf when you are away from your booth area, Managing your information when you get back home or at the next conference/workshop and doing follow-ups, Sending thank you correspondence, and much more. Prices for these services are individualized for your specific needs.


Live Conference and Workshop Assistance when you are the host:


Ace-High Professional will travel to your workshop or conference and be your primary assistant for the entire time. We will assist you with many different areas including but not limited to: Setup and tear down of daily materials and workshop space, Preparation of materials both before, during and after, General errands and last minute items during the workshop, Taking photographs and videos, Being the ‘go-to-person’ for your workshop attendees, Performing follow-up post-workshop, Handling the press and press conferences, press releases, and television appearance, Sending thank yous and follow ups to all attendees, exhibitors, and speakers, and much more. Prices for these services are individualized for your specific needs.



Whether you are planning an event as an open house, conference, or fundraiser for two people or for thousands, we have the experience to assist you with creating a memorable (and profitable) event. Complete or individual services available including planning, staffing, management, vendor bookings, follow ups, registrations, and much more. Let us help you make your next event a smooth running memorable one!


Promotion Services

Promotions are a great way to get your business and product names out there. We handle all aspects for in-house, event, and in-store promotions. Complete or individual services available including planning, staffing, management, signage, follow ups, handouts, presentations (including Power Point), and more. This is great for businesses, products, and services regardless of how large or small your operation is.



Writing Services



Ghostwriting, Copywriting, and Copyediting Services

Yet another part of our staff which anyone will have a hard time finding with any other similar business to Ace-High Professional is our experienced and published authors, as well as our editors with many decades of experience in many different genres. In our writing services, we offer assistance in writing professional resumes, biographies of any length, cover letters, blog entries or regular contributions, speeches of any length for any purpose by our National award winning speech writer, e-books and e-zines of any length, book proposals for submitting your "novel" idea to publishers, articles for print or online including regular contributions, and any other type of written material which you need.


Our ghostwriting services allow for you to have any of the above types of written materials prepared for you with it being a secret that we were the ones who did it for you. Want to make a great impression with a creation which you either do not have the time or experience in order to do correctly? Let us help you in your endeavor. We can also prepare manuscripts for you. We offer this for both fiction and non-fiction, although our preference is with non-fiction and typically around 60,000 words although more or less is acceptable. The only additional costs which you will incur, if needed to be supplied by us, is the proposal and marketing materials.


Our copywriting and copyediting services are the best of the best. Our in-house copywriter and copyeditor has over three decades of experience in the field with both technical and non-technical works. Including but not limited to sales and marketing copy, print articles or features, advertising copy, and electronic article copy. Copyediting includes revisions, review and rewrites of existing or previously written material, proofreading, critique of existing work. Most types of works are included.


Additional Writing Services

We offer a large selection of writing services to anyone who needs help in this area. Other writing services include but are not limited to: Press Releases both professional and basic, E-zines and Newsletters, Online Articles and Print Articles, Website Content creation and copy, Sales and Information brochures, Business Card layout, and many more. If you have a writing need, please inquire for more details and to discuss your specific needs.


Formatting of E-Books and E-Zines

We format E-Books and E-Zines in order for you to present a professional looking product to your customers both paying and non-paying. We will link your table of contents, prepare headers and footers and create a custom graphic for the cover (if desired) and any included advertising (if applicable). Additional services are available, many of which have been described in the preceeding information.


Article Submissions

We manage your article marketing. We have a team who can submit your articles to over 40 article submission sites. We’ll also set you up with the required accounts for these places and ensure you are making the most of your free resources of article marketing.


Business Plans

Business plans are another specialty area for us with our writers having won State and National awards in business plan writing. If they can win contests againsts thousands of other competitors, they can assist you the best in getting the support that you need. We write business plans that are professional through and through and of the best presentation quality which contain all of the information that your potential financer or other party needs. Regardless of the type of your business, we can write a business plan of any length for any purpose. You will be given one printed copy in a standard business plan binder and one cd copy. Upgrades for presentation and multiple copies (hard and electronic) are available at an additional charge.



Getting Your Images Seen



Memory Books and Layouts (Scrapbooks)

This is another way to market any business that is often overlooked. Many businesses have waiting rooms, lounge areas, websites, or set up at trade fairs/conferences. A Memory Book is a very professional looking method of putting highlights of your business or your company’s history into a user friendly project. Memory books can be utilized by all types of companies and can be in all sizes and lengths. From a simple black page journal with pictures and other effects added to a multiple page 12” by 12” scrapbook to an online/computer accessible digital scrapbook even with it running on a television in your waiting room, every sort of memory book will project an excellent representation of your company and you. Our creativity in putting together pages that are useful, full of information, and great marketing tools will set you apart from other businesses. We offer three different creation packages and a by the hour service. We also have scrapbooking kits starting as low as $10.00 and scrapbooking classes available.


Photo Services

Ace-High Professional offers various photo services to meet your needs. Not everyone has a digital camera but would like to have their own pictures used on the web and in advertising. For that reason we offer high quality photo scanning for the ultimate print to digital product. Photos may be scanned into any format, almost any resolution, and almost any size. Photos are charges per photo with discounts for larger quantities. All photos come standard given to you on a CD in .jpeg format for the greatest compatibility with your software.


We further offer photo editing services for those who need to create a little different image than the original. We are able to make your photos into works of art by using the top programs for photo editing. We can combine several photos into one to either make one continuous image or to make a collage. We can crop, copy, change direction, duplicate, add website or copyright text, add watermarks, change colors, remove or add items/people to the picture, and much more. The options are almost limitless with our editing. We can further change the formatting of the pictures taking them from .bmp files into .jpeg files and even deleting the background to make great .gif files for the subject of the pictures to show up at their best on electronic media. If you have an animated idea, we can do that too. We love making animated .gif files from your pictures to give your pictures life.


Additionally, we offer photo printing on high quality photo papers through heavy cover stock (and higher) weight matte and gloss papers for your specific needs. We can print almost any size through large posters and can do mounting onto foamcore boards for a great looking presentation. Photo printing is priced per picture with discounts available for larger quantities.



Going the Extra Mile



Personal Shopper and Errands Service

Let us run all of your errands for you whether you need supplies and materials for your business, a special package delivered in person to a client, groceries for your home, or any other sort of errand. We are more than happy to provide a trustworthy, honest, reliable, and quick service to you. Available by the hour with multiple hour discounts available. Gift certificates for this service are a popular choice if you have someone who is hard to shop for.


Concierge Services

Need an extra hand? Visiting a new town? Just need some help getting things done in time? That is where our concierge services help you. Let us make your dinner reservations, travel plans, gift buying, vendor recommendations, travel directions, ticket buying, internet research, background checks, and more. No job is too large or too small, and no request is laughed at… give us a call!


Relocation Guides, Kits, and Packages

Are you or your business relocating? Our handy guides will help take the work out of discovering your new city. Your guide is available as a stock guide with information that everyone needs, or as a semi-custom guide with information specifically for you such as dog groomers, dog parks, riding stables, anything that you need as an individual. You will find more information on our Relocation Guides by clicking here. They are one of our most popular products for both businesses and the general public.


Even if you are just moving across town, you have many people and businesses to make aware of your move. Our relocation kits allow you to insert the information yourself, while the packages have all of your information professionally inserted into them. This includes but is not limited to postcard announcements, formal letters, newsletters, and even webpages for the big announcement. We have got your needs met in every way possible to let your friends, family, and clients know where you are moving to.


Card and Greeting Card Services

What better way to stay in touch with your friends, family, and business associates than with greeting and special occasion cards? Not only can we help you keep up with the dates for the special occasions, we assist you by writing a personal message on the card, hand-addressing the envelope, and mailing the cards. You may supply the card, select from any of our high quality cards, have us custom design and print cards for you, or let us make the decisions on what cards to send.


Calligraphy Services

Whether for wedding invitations, signs, or other reasons, we have excellent calligraphy skills ready to use on your next project. Prices are quoted per job based on the quantity needed and the type of work requested. Available in black and blue, with other colors on special request. Stuffing, addressing and mailing envelopes/invitations can also be added to customize this service even more to meet your needs.


While You are Away Services

Ace-High Professional can assist you at home while you are away on vacation, business, or for family reasons. This includes but is not limited to: pet services including boarding, sitting, and training offered by our AKC certified dog trainers and pet care professionals, house checks, getting your mail, house sitting, and almost anything that you need done while you are awayLet us help you make your time away easier and with less worries.


Realtor Services

Realtors have very specific needs. We assist realtors in planning knock-out open houses, individualizing closing parties (what new owner wouldn’t love a closing party on their dream house), and follow-up home warming parties. Our services are designed with your buyers in mind while gaining you new valuable contacts for your business. We even have after closing surveys to find out exactly how your buyers rate you. It is all about forming bonds! Being a realtor is a hard occupation due to the amount of networking which is required. With Ace-High Professional's help you will be able to do the same amount (in most cases more) with less or no work involved by you.


Personal Assistant Services

Most of us witnessed it in The Devil Wears Prada movie. The personal assistant who is smart, college educated with lots of great ideas, fun to be around, and we almost forgot to mention…. beautiful. We can do the same for you. How would you like to have a model accompany you to your next event/function who has brains and tons of business sense in order to hold an intelligent conversation with your employees and colleagues? What if she were given a list of guests by you with their pictures so that she can whisper their name to you as they approach so that it looks like you know everyone? What if she could turn heads and make everyone envious of you for the night? We have got the solution for you. Pricing is determined by the event, the length of time, and the location. Travel expenses, if required, are also charged. We offer this service for casual, informal, and formal functions of all types, plus dinner and the traditional “date” things are not expected. What better way to make feel like you are the top man in your shining moment than with a beautiful, smart woman next to you? Yes, ladies, we do also have some gorgeous model men available upon request.


Wedding Planning

We have already covered our event planning, but sometimes there are some very special events which have been created in the minds of those involved for many years if not entire lifetimes. Perhaps your special event is a wedding. Ace-High Professional can assist you in that area with the highest level of satisfaction possible. We have almost four decades of experience in planning weddings and in the floral industry including our floral designer and wedding expert being one of the Top 500 florists in the United States. Let us make your wedding the hit of the town while making all of your dreams come true. From small backyard weddings through galas with thousands of guests, no wedding is too small or too large.





What Else does Ace-High Professional offer?


Ace-High Professional is pretty open to most tasks if we feel that we have the experience level in that area to deliver the highest level of service that we strive for on each job. If you do not see what you are looking for in our services or guide, please feel free to contact us with a request for a specific job. We have several staff members who are ready to assist you in many different areas of expertise. If we are unable to help you, we will direct you to someone who we feel will give you the level of service that you deserve and expect.


Ace-High Professional currently does not do any accounting, payroll, income tax, sales tax, or related tasks. Although we are capable of doing it, we feel that our clients are better off using someone who specializes in those areas. We can refer you to someone who can help you if so desired.


Please feel free to contact us by email or by business phone at 615-824-0301 or by cellular phone at 615-210-6852 if you have any question or need to speak with us about a particular project or task. We look forward to doing business with you!



Thank you for visiting us here at Ace-High Professional!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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