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Ace-High Professional has put together a great staff of experienced business professionals in order to assist you in making your business all that it can be.


Our staff is comprised of both full and part time members who are dedicated to bringing only the best to you and your business.


Leading the way is the founder and owner, Amanda J. Brown, who is the driving force behind Ace-High Professional. Through the years she has led the way in the equine and canine industries providing the firsts for many aspects of them. After being asked to share her knowledge in those industries, as well as most others, she realized that there was a need for her to have a way to offer such services full time to others. The idea was developed over the years and slowly came into being Ace-High Professional. When the time was right, the business became its own entity rather than being additional services offered by one of her other businesses.


Amanda grew up in a family business and learned from her mother's spirit of entrepreneurship. At the time that most children were playing with dolls, she was interacting with customers, taking orders, and filling requests. She learned first hand how to run a business successfully, effectively, and efficiently and had it mastered by the time that she was out of middle school. At the age of 13, she ventured into her own business by becoming an entrepreneur herself. That first business, Ace-High Farm and Performance Horses, remains a large force in the equine industry and is considered one of the top equine and equestrian education facilities in the United States.


Over the years, businesses have been added to through her determination to do more all the while she was attending high school. She graduated in the top portion of her class and moved onto a triple major in her university studies. Amanda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science, Animal Science, and Secondary Education. She also minored in Pre-Veterinary Science and Agricultural Education. Through her collegiate career, she took several non-required classes in various departments in order to learn even more about what it is to be an entrepreneur and to survive in the very competitive business world. Her passion has been design and marketing, which she has an inborn gift in those areas. After graduating from her university with honors, she continued on with post-graduate work in Spanish. She also has been an educator in both school and professional settings since 1991. She continues on her way to proceed with learning as a life-long passion with her goal of attending both veterinary school and law school.


Due to the diversity of Amanda's background, she is able to assist businesses in any area with making them better by pulling from her large knowledge base. All industries can reap the benefits from her years of hands-on experience.


Ace-High Professional is more than just Amanda's efforts, there are several other highly dedicated staff members who are ready to be on call for your business needs. Laura Frizzell is our chief writer and has been not only a published author, but she has also been a copywriter and copyeditor for three decades. Her experience is also based within different industries allowing you to have an even larger knowledge base to pull from. She is also our specialist in financial topics being able to assist you in climbing back up from bankruptcy or other financial hardships. From businesses to individuals, Laura can help you along the way with any of your needs. She also was a professor for several years at a major university and has been an educator in both school and professional settings for over four decades.


The rest of our staff members are specialists in each of the different areas of services which we offer including web services, graphic design, events, and much more. Please inquire about our other staff members if you have any questions. More biographies are to come, so please check back soon for updates.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. One of our staff members will address your questions and comments as soon as possible. We aim to serve you to our fullest ability, and we enjoy creating working relationships with businesses around the globe.



Thank you for visiting us here at Ace-High Professional!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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